Thursday, February 4, 2010


Profit: +$1260
Rakeback: +10
Games: 55
Hours: 5

Hourly: 254.00 / hr
Per Game: 23.09 / game

I'm back, fools! Last month left me a lil worn out and sleep-deprived, so I ended up not playing poker for 4 entire days. Tonight I was super-focused and alert, resulting in 2 1sts, and 2 3rds as well as a new daily record. I can almost taste that propbet victory from chip210. This weekend should be good. Here's a lil something dedicated to all the fish that love to berate me. Don't give up on me guys, I promise someday I'll learn to play!

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  1. Um, you said you didn't know what rakeback was :-|