Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Results

Profit: +$4734
Rakeback: +140
Games: 747
Hours: 73

Hourly: 66.77 / hr
Per Game: 6.52 / game

This month had a great ROI & hourly rate, but lower than desired volume. I'm very confident in my game and my ability to hang with the good 180-man regs. I'm even more proud though, of the developments I've made in my mental game. I don't think I've tilted once this entire month. If you look at my graph for this year, it's almost a straight line. Some people talk of running good, or running bad, but I just need to keep running.

Last bit of news, Chip210 and I will be coaching a few students in the Rainman School of Poker. My initial plan is to feed them raw meat until they develop a taste for it. After that, they're expected to eat what they kill. We choppin' necks!

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