Sunday, August 2, 2009

July Update

Profit: +286
Bonus: +0
Games: 1176
Avg ROI: 6%
Hours: 104.5

Hourly: 2.74 / hr
Per Game: 0.24 / game

About the only good thing that happened this month was that I got Platinum Star. But it was expensive. Took a bunch of shots at the 27s, 38s and 60s. It was a good and humbling experience. 6s, 12s, and 27s were the only ones with positive ROI. I was up 1500 quick one weekend, but gave it all back plus more later. Some life-tilt issues definitely had me down, as well as my computer failing which forced me to grind on a laptop. Vers is definitely right about the games changing. Everyone is shoving AND calling light, so it's hard to find spots at times. I think I'll stick to 6/12s on weekdays and maybe 12/27s on weekends once I get settled. August goal is just to build my confidence back up.