Monday, July 5, 2010

June Results

Profit: +$4647
Rakeback: +$636
Games: 1961
Hours: 190

Hourly: $27.81 / hr
Per Game: $2.69 / game

Ran hot for first half of month.  Hit some turbulence for the last week or two.  The importance of daily routines / schedule cannot be stressed enough.  With that being said, I'll be looking to experiment with a few changes this month.  GL me!

Also, sorry for late responses in comments section:

I don't use a HUD because I've never figured out how to, or what the stats even mean.  On the other hand, playing HUD-less has forced me to pay attention to player tendencies and whatnot, so I usually try to avoid auto-piloting.

The link to the 2+2 thread referenced in the prior post can be found by hovering over the words "thread on 2+2" in the same post.  I guess the link text color was too similar.