Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Happenstance

Saturday, I went to grab lunch at Red and Green Brazilian Steakhouse. I'm waiting around for my friends when I see this black dude walk up the stairs. He looks eerily familiar, and I stare him down for a second before walking up to him and introducing myself. Turns out, it's Chef Robert Owens from 2M2MM.

He lives in the ATL area, so we chatted a bit and I got his contact info. Oddly enough, I was researching getting a personal chef just a week ago. It'd be nice to save time getting food and avoid eating all the crap that I normally do. However I'm not baller enough to justify it...yet. Time to lunch and grind all day. GL all!

wbmustang: Oh shit really lol how much he charge that nigga better sing a song everyday

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