Friday, March 12, 2010

One Year Anniversary

Few days ago was the one year anniversary of my 1st blog post, and when I began taking this game seriously. I played and read books before then, but this was the beginning of respectable volume and reliance on poker to supplement my income. I was inspired and had a few coaching sessions with vers. He was killing every $12 45-man back then and his blog opened my mind up to how much money could be made. Another thanks to all those who have helped me along my journey, including reasons14, wbmustang, msusyr24, mi_turtle, johnnyhilldo, and chip210.

$26K, 18K games, and hundreds of hours later, I feel like I've proved some amount of skill. Looking back, I could have definitely progressed faster if I had signed a coaching deal or used a training site, but I'm pretty damn stubborn. The experience definitely helped me develop my own style and I've learned a ton by running into every tough spot imaginable. You can tell on the graph where mi_turtle stepped into the picture, and I'm looking forward to getting better and better.

If you're wondering where I got "vertek" from, it actually was my bboy name back in the day. I used to be in shape and vibrant, haha. Trip down memory lane...

Bruce Lee side-by-side comparison

On a set for a music video

The infamous VerTek boombox courtesy of Totem2