Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A virtuous circle or a vicious circle is a complex of events that reinforces itself through a feedback loop. A virtuous circle has favorable results, and a vicious circle has detrimental results.

Vicious cycle
Since Vegas, I've been on a breakeven stretch.  I had fairly healthy (delusional) expectations and as a result my confidence in my game was shaken.  Hard to describe, but I was definitely out of the zone.  Felt like I was floating in space when I played; didn't know where I was at with ranges, etc.  Desperate to win again, I prob started adopting random pieces of other people's games.  I also developed a defeatist attitude that the games had become unbeatable.  As a result, I didn't want to play at all.  Started dabbling in other games, which can be a good idea but in my case, was just starting over at the bottom of the learning curve.

Virtuous cycle
More lately, I've been expanding my poker network to surround myself with people who have similar goals, work ethics, and approaches to the game.  Hearing others' thought processes, as well as having to explain / defend your own thoughts really strengthens your game.  I went over some "golden era" vertek HHs and that definitely reminded me of what worked for me before.  I definitely have an idiosyncratic style and timing to my game, and for the most part, have good reasons behind why I do things.  I hate talking poker with people that assume things and rely on certain standards.  Obviously they are already playing perfect poker and don't need to think about things.  On the other hand, I need to continually think and adjust to the changing conditions.  You're only as good as your last game.

I've also stepped up my HH review game ten-fold.  Everyday before I start my session, I go over the previous night's HHs.  At the very least, gives my brain time to get back into poker mode.  Shout outs as well to portlypig, yx32mike, and chip210 for helping to sharpen my weapons.  There are two times when you need to go over your HHs:  when you don't think you're playing well, and when you do.

Special thanks to Daleroxxu (world's best poker blog) for hosting his NLO H/L Hyper Shoveament Freeroll, which I was lucky enough to take down for 1st place.  Video highlights and commentary here.