Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Daily Record

Profit: +$818
Rakeback: +11
Games: 84
Hours: 7

Hourly: 118.43/ hr
Per Game: 9.87 / game

Not too shabby for a miserably cold Saturday. 180-mans are predictably swingy but fairly profitable. Special thanks to my coaches for believing in me and opening my mind up, and my sparring partner for helping me figure out why I do the things I do.


  1. Very nice!
    Keep up the greet work!


  2. Why is my face still cut off :-|

  3. Reading this great book Blink. Interesting that the part I read today was about how some of the most successful peoplle have no idea how they do what they do. Ted Williams one of the greatest hitters in baseball history had no idea how to describe his talent.