Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Daily Record Earn

I made $414 over the course of 7 hours for a $59 hourly rate and a 70% ROI. Unsustainable, but I'll take it nonetheless. I really was in the groove, letting +EV situations and monster hands come to me instead of forcing them. It's chump change to all the other players, but gotta start somewhere. Looking forward to when I hit the $600 and $1000 daily records.

I also discovered SNG Nick's blog, which is included on my list of links. He recently won a prop bet and set a world record by playing 16,000 SNGs in a month and profiting over $11K. Some days, he cleared 1K SNGs by 16-tabling for 20 hour continuous sessions. Granted he was playing a lot of STT super turbos. Unreal!

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