Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Results

Profit: +2679
Bonus: +97
Games: 1410
Avg ROI: 29%
Hours: 105
Days: 23 / 30

Hourly: 26.44 / hr
Per Game: 1.97 / game

I got close to my profit goal of 3K, but had about the same volume as last month. I was busy with work projects and due to family time also missed some key weekends. Mid-session, I can definitely tell if I am playing well or not. Most telling is the Ace-rag EP shove. After I eliminated that and got into the groove, the rungood juice definitely kicked in the last week and I ran at about $60 hourly / 60+ ROI. Just need to remember that feeling and stick with it. I also had my first 8-hour session (unprofitable), and am looking forward to experimenting with 12-hour sessions.

Also, I created a new setup for my monitors. They're now vertically arranged with a ghetto styrofoam packaging setup so that I can 16-table tiled. I still prefer tiled because I do make a fair number of reads on my opponents and want to keep track of my recent table image, whereas I lose that with stacked tables.

1 comment:

  1. Nice job this month, you forgot to factor in the savings of not buying a monitor mount!

    How are you doing with increasing your BIs?