Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mid April Update

Profit: +954
Bonus: +56
Games: 441
Avg ROI: 27%
Hours: 36
Days: 9 / 15

Hourly: 28.05 / hr
Per Game: 2.29 / game

No bad habits developed this month. Volume is a bit lower than I'd like since I've been busy with work-related projects and big Easter weekend with family. Also started making attempts to move up to the next buyin level, where I'll try to stay exclusively for the rest of the month. I'm such a life-nit, the pain of the dollar lost is truly worse than the pleasure of the dollar gained. I'm also trying to figure out a way to arrange my monitors vertically so that I can tile 16-tables.

Also cashed for $100 in the $22 1R1 NLHE SCOOP event. There were 9600 runners and I was knocked out in 900th place. I was happy with my play, building my stack from 2K to 50K while only having to show hands down 5-6 times. Made a lot of strong bluffs and resteals to pick up easy chips. I was average stack with 900 to go when I made an overaggressive play followed by a hero call with mid-pair against a tight player. I guess my patience had run out after 6 hours.

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