Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Got A 33% Raise!

Not in the traditional sense, but in poker terms I did. I was inspired by this thread on 2+2, so now I'm 16-tabling tiled continuously on dual Dell 30"s in portrait mode. Took a bit of time to find some Torx wrenches, but it was fairly simple to get them standing up without having to buy extra mounting equipment.

This should increase my volume and hourly rate. I'm probably too nitty to ever use a stacked setup, but I'm ok with that. I've been playing well lately and the results are strong. I've ran a mile or two in the mornings a few days / week and that has definitely helped a lot. I have tons of focus and energy. I want to strike while the iron is hot, so I'm looking to set some volume records this weekend. My first 15 hour session, and 200+ games in a day for Saturday and maybe Sunday if I'm feeling particularly randy. Wish me luck!


  1. Loving the setup man. Sorry to take you away from your 'work' but I have a quick question. When you first started playing 4 - 8 tables. Were you using a HUD? and if so or no, why? :D

  2. Can u post the link to this 2 + 2 thread pls Vertek ? Ty , Entabeni

  3. The white balance could've been adjusted. Just saying.