Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prop Bet: Reasons14 vs Vertek

Ladies And Gentlemen, Boys and Girls

Welcome to the 1st Small-Stakes SNG Grinder Exhibition Bout. In the red corner, we have Reasons14. And in the blue corner we have Vertek. Winner will be determined by max SharkScope profit between July 13 and August 13 and will receive the $400 prizepool, to be escrowed by Vers.

Let's examine the tale of the tape.


This young reg frequents the 18 and 45-mans, ranging from $6 to $27 stakes. His ability to 16-table combined with his 10-15% ROI makes him a formidable opponent.


This $6/12 45-man player regularly achieves a 20-25% ROI while 12-tabling. He especially enjoys getting berated by all the fish that lay in his wake. His fulltime employment will limit his hours, but will force him to remain focused at all times.

In high school, I went jogging with one of my friends. We planned on going about 2-3 miles, but didn't really know the route well. Since this was the first time we ran together and neither wanted to look weak to the other, we ended up going 8 miles instead.

I dreamed up this idea because I wanted to really push myself. I was looking for another reg in the same league as me. We've both averaged about 2K / month and hopefully we can get up to the 3K & 4K levels. The matchup is a classic tortoise / hare. I have higher ROI, but he should get 2-3X as much volume as I do. I'll try my best to provide weekly updates. Wish us luck!

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