Monday, June 1, 2009

May Update

Profit: +1368
Bonus: +274
Games: 1320
Avg ROI: 16%
Hours: 95.5

Hourly: 17.19 / hr
Per Game: 1.24 / game

This month ran about half expectation. I started off a bit too blindly aggressive at FT, which reduced my ROI, which in turn reduced my hours. Vicious cycle, I'm considering mitigating that by only recording weekly results, instead of per session. I salvaged the month by playing smarter / more patient at the FT. I'm going to try to put heavy volume at the $12s, but might have to mix in a few $6s to keep volume up.

As far as the Vegas trip goes it was a mixed bag. The BAP is down 10% and I'll ship the money soon or write you a check when I see you. It was hard to get volume in so I mostly did the small dailies or SNGs. Even the SNGs would take 30-60 mins to fill, and during one of the most tilting moments of the weak, 10 players were ready for an SNG to start and had to wait because they didn't have any free dealers. The competition was so weak with lots of limping and stacking off during L1-L3. I dominated the tables but I got 3-outed so many times. It's understandable considering how aggressive and poor my image was. I'd definitely be interested in another Vegas trip, but this time I'd want to devote an entire week to poker with no distractions. Thanks again to everyone for the vote of confidence.


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