Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 2

Profit: +$308
Rakeback: +$87
Games: 396

Hourly: $11.62 / hr
Per Game: $1.00 / game

Started off hot last Sunday with a $36 180 win, and then have mincashed my way down since then. I can definitely say that I've been making some superthin calls lately, so will go over some HHs to look for spots to improve / avoid. Have also spewed a number of times at early levels, which was totally avoidable.

Surprises come when there are differences in expectations and outcome. I've been running so well lately that this week feels like a losing one. Just have to remember to view things in totality. The most important thing is to align expectations and effort.


  1. giving 100% towards making the most optimal decision every time it is your turn should be your expectation.

  2. Quit around game 70 IMO!