Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Results

Profit: +$1623
Rakeback: +160
Games: 1732
Hours: 98

Hourly: 18.19 / hr
Per Game: 1.03 / game

This month had lower volume, since I was out for a few weekends. I got upset over my own nittiness, and decided to start playing higher stakes near the end. Feeling comfortable at the $12s and still sorting out a few leaks at the $27s. Because the higher stakes don't load as often, I don't have to open as many tables and can actually start thinking again. Those FT bubble / short stack exploits are so key. Working on some other developments to take my game to the next level. Can't wait to start hitting 5-10K months.

Congrats to msusyr24 and mi_turtle for having 60K and 40K months respectively. I staked some of msusyr24's action, netting me about 2K from several of his large cashes.

Also working on the propbet with wbmustang. It's $500 to whoever can reach 20K lifetime SNG profit on SharkScope. I'm currently standing at 15.6K vs 13.0K due to his downswing this month. It's a classic case of the tortoise vs the hare. My wins have mostly been small and steady, while his are larger and more variant.

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