Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Update

Profit: +466
Bonus: +0
Games: 1022
Hours: 56

Hourly: 8.32 / hr
Per Game: 0.46 / game

Kept on tilting for a bit, before I retooled the formula and remembered how to win again. I can now successfully handle 18-24 tables, although 18 is my current hourly rate sweetspot. Volume was really low this month. My shoulder / arm have been hurting / going numb when I'm at the desk. I've heard it might be a pinched nerve or slipped disc, so that killed some volume. I bought a new ergo mesh chair and massage attachment, and plan to start working out again so hopefully all of that helps. Poker injuries would be embarassingly weaksauce. Hopefully can put in 1500-2000 games this month. BTW, reminder to everyone to take advantage of the PokerStars September cash bonuses!!

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