Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Shots

Profit: +621
Games: 98
Avg ROI: 33%
Hours: 9

Hourly: 69.00 / hr
Per Game: 6.34 / game

I figured this weekend would be ultra-soft due to the American holiday. Since $12's are loading too slow, I started experimenting by mixing in $27s and even a few $38s that were ready to go. My overall results were swingy, but I managed to luckbox a win in the 2nd $38 that I've ever played. That really skewed the results for the entire day, but GG me. I don't think the 27s and 38s are as hard as I'd imagined, although my ROI is only so-so over the $12-$38 range. I've seen some regulars with ultra strong ROI's and need to improve my game to get to that level. I guess today is also a new daily record for me. Next goal, $1K day!

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